Duration: Six sessions / 45min Online Meetings

Rate: 220.- 


This Mentorship Programm serves to guide my mentee’s to achieve their personal goals. Everyone has their personal vision of where they would like to be, and what they would like to achieve, which makes every mentorship unique. My goal here is to help you reach those achievements with guidance and motivation. I will create a progressive working plan, to help you build a solid foundation on which you can grow on. 


These Foundations entail anything from training methods, work out plans, creating a solid business profile, creating and maintaining good business relationships, preparing for international jobs and /or Paperwork preparation and much more..


I will have a 45 minute online meeting with my mentee’s every week where we set new goals for the upcoming meet up. We will talk about what was good, what can be done better and how we can maximise your personal growth and most importantly how you feel about your progress. I will also offer bringing in some of the dancers/choreographers that you might look up to, to have the possibility to ask them questions as well.


I believe, if you are interested in this mentorship program, you probably know a little of my story and achievements. If you are not familiar with my previous work, I've had to opportunity to work with some of the most renown choreographers and artists such as Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, Mariah Carey, Mario and more. Click HERE to see my Resume.


I will only be taking 4-5 Mentee’s to keep it very direct and personal. Applications have been sent in, if you are interested to be notified when another spot opens, please email me to the address below. 

For questions: contact@rodneychonia.com